Entries by Yunuo Zhao

Altfinator Project | Facilitating Access to Alternative Financing

Altfinator project will facilitate the transfer of best practices from more advanced to less advanced markets. We will design, develop and implement a capacity-building strategy for the financial ecosystem and its participants in South, Central and Eastern European countries to improve the provision and absorption of alternative finance.

HUB-IN Project | Working Paper: European Historic Areas – State of Play

The working paper aims to provide an overview of the current context within which the HUB-IN Mission and Vision will be developed and delivered. It explores the current state of play of heritage-led regeneration across Historic Urban Areas throughout Europe, and highlights the role that innovation and entrepreneurship play in the realisation of their sustainable transformation.

Hub-IN 2020: Historical Urban Areas’ Restoration

Hub-IN 2020 project (Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the Transformation of Historical Urban Areas) aims to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in Historic Urban Areas (HUA), while preserving the unique identity of the historic sites regarding their natural, cultural and social values.